Friday, 27 April 2012

I overhauled my hair! (Well,almost)

Finally decided to get on my ass today to retouch up my lacklustre hair colour. The roots were badly screaming "NEGLECTED!!". LOL.

After perusing the hair dye aisle for a good 10-ish minutes I decided to get the Liese range of hair dyes because -Hallelujah-, firstly they were running a promo (RM 28 instead of the regular RM 33). I settled on this shade aptly named "Sweet Apricot".

One thing about their range- they have really sweet names. ;) So sweet sounding that you're just tempted to try them all! :D

Long story short, its a DIY dye that comes with a special dispenser. Instead of your regular cream type this comes out all bubbly and shampoo-ey so it is soooo easy to do it on your own. Just pop on the pair of gloves that comes along and ur ready to go!

Application took me 5 minutes TOPS. A little of the dye tricked down my face though so do be careful if you are as clumsy as I can be sometimes. :)

Didn't manage to take any pictures of the process but I'll show u the result!

Do check out their range if you're planning to DIY your next hair colour!

Till next time you lovelies.

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