Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Nikki Tiong
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Saturday, 12 April 2014

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Nikki Tiong
From Nikki Tiong
Sales at Lafarge Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd

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Friday, 27 April 2012

I overhauled my hair! (Well,almost)

Finally decided to get on my ass today to retouch up my lacklustre hair colour. The roots were badly screaming "NEGLECTED!!". LOL.

After perusing the hair dye aisle for a good 10-ish minutes I decided to get the Liese range of hair dyes because -Hallelujah-, firstly they were running a promo (RM 28 instead of the regular RM 33). I settled on this shade aptly named "Sweet Apricot".

One thing about their range- they have really sweet names. ;) So sweet sounding that you're just tempted to try them all! :D

Long story short, its a DIY dye that comes with a special dispenser. Instead of your regular cream type this comes out all bubbly and shampoo-ey so it is soooo easy to do it on your own. Just pop on the pair of gloves that comes along and ur ready to go!

Application took me 5 minutes TOPS. A little of the dye tricked down my face though so do be careful if you are as clumsy as I can be sometimes. :)

Didn't manage to take any pictures of the process but I'll show u the result!

Do check out their range if you're planning to DIY your next hair colour!

Till next time you lovelies.

Friday, 20 April 2012


If your in the know you would have came across articles about the "420" celebration worldwide. For those in the dark, in short "420", or April 20th marks the day where "pot" users all around the world unite. Spiritually. at least. :)

Nope, i'm not a "pot user" per se, but i know of a couple who do use on a occasional basis. :)

No worries, I'm clean!!!

Its an interesting topic, most people i know have been exposed, tried or smoked. In hindsight, I have no qualms at all with those who use. In fact IMHO people are better off with than without. :)

So what is 420 you ask? Well, here you go.

Enjoy peeps. And a very merry 420 to you too!!! :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's a sticky situation

Screw this ice cream!!

It's a sticky situation.

Just recently I have been pondering casually on this topic- How does one approach talking about their exes after marraige? 

A couple of days back, during a conversation I was thrown this curveball. A (not to be named) friend slash business associate suddenly paused, turned to me and asked about who I was seeing before I met my husband. It was an awkward moment as I paused and blinked twice while the whole table turned their attention to me. 

"Does it even matter?" was my initial reply. Not wanting to come across as defensive I decided to elaborate.. "My past has no influence on why I chose my husband. Some people may judge their potential mates by some certain criteria but I go for the "feeling" a person gives me." 
To give my statement one last punch I added, "Does my answer satisfy you enough?" *cheeky smile*

In general, I do avoid speaking about that pre-marraige part of my life. It isnt that i have anything to hide.. It was just how I was brought up- I remember once I asked my mom on about how my parents got together and who she was seeing before him. She gladly elaborated on how they met till they got married, and when it came to the "who before daddy" part she chimed "Well girl, I'm happy you asked. However that part of things don't matter at all. I chose your daddy didn't I?" 


So, the next time you're curious about who I was seeing, don't ask. Because that "part of things don't matter at all." ;)

Monday, 16 April 2012

I finally got my tan on!

On the beach chair!

Oh. My. God. Pulau Besar was exactly what the doctor ordered. Three days two nights of the most fabulous stretch of beach, puuurrrrfect weather, great company, awesome hosts, and great food.
I can safely say though it wasn't technically a out-of-state trip i got the holiday I've been yearning for a good year now.

This is where I should elaborate a little bit more on why I haven't been on a proper holiday for a while...

Approximately around this time last year I found out that I was to become the proud mother of my little baby girl. Of course at that time I had no inkling of his/her sex- I was around three months pregnant when the nausea and appetite loss hit...

And now, she's almost 6 months old! The first few months were a tad tiring to say the least, and it was almost impossible to leave her in the care of another person. The problem wasn't her of course, it was the "newbie parent paranoia". :)

Back to Pulau Besar.

Beer, Beach, Babes. ;P

It was the best 3d2n ever! 7 of us took a drive from Johor Bahru to Mersing (appox 2 hrs) where a boat was waiting to take us to the resort. There are a few resorts on the island, but we always put up at Mirage Island Resort. It is run by a dear friend of ours. :)
Doing the mandatory "tourist" pose! :)

The gingang

The best part of the trip I'd say was arriving. And the worst was leaving. Everything else in between- perfecttttt! :))

Only downer for the guys was that they didn't get to go out to sea to fish. Was informed that the boat was required for some VVIP. Apparently a lot of VVIPs were at Mersing for the launching of Laguna Resort and Festiva Mersing. -.-

For more information on how to book your next holiday here u can hop straight to their website here.
I trust u will love the place as much as we did! :))

love, light, peace!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shake and Bake!

I've been waiting for this day for ages! We have finally arrived at Pulau Besar!

The weather is purrrrfect and the water is sooo gorgeous!

Gotta run loves. Here's some pictures to show u how preeeettty the place is!

Till then.

Love light peace!

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